SLM Optics Kit


Ready to use for easy setup.
Optics Kit includes:
♦ Polarizers and waveplates
♦ Beam expander
♦ Lenses
♦ Tip/tilt stage
♦ Base plate and posts
♦ Laser and camera (optional)


Spend your time on important research rather than designing an optical system for your SLM.  The SLM Optics Kit provides you with a set of optics and cage-mount components enabling the user to start research with the SLM system immediately.  The kit includes a Meadowlark Precision Half-Wave Retarder, a pair of Meadowlark Precision Linear Polarizers, lenses, and all necessary mount hardware, including a custom adapter plate to quickly align the SLM system to the optics in an off-axis configuration.  Optional items are also available including a laser, beam expander optics, and a camera.  This approach provides optimum efficiency with minimal design effort.