3D Holographic Optical Tweezing Kit


♦ Complete Optical Tweezing Kit using high resolution
♦ 1920 x 1200 SLM
♦ Custom software to create Holographic Optical Traps
♦ 3D Particle Manipulation using Holographic Beam Control
♦ High Temporal Trap Stability
♦ Spatially Uniform Trapping across 312 x 312 micron field of view

The Meadowlark Optics'Optical Tweezing Kit provides researchers with a portable, stand-alone, optical tweezing platform as well as a simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) and software development kit to enable customization, calibration, and computations without requiring in-depth knowledge of tweezing theory.  Thus, the default configuration allows a user to quickly and easily manipulate microscopic objects in three dimensions (3D) using the provided GUI and pre-built optical system.  The accessible design allows for hassle-free customization allowing users to easily add or remove components.
One application of the CUBE includes biological research. This tool enables measurements of cell properties and controlled studies of how cells interact with foreign objects. Another application example is trapping metallic objects and carbon nanotubes for engineering materials with unique thermal and electrical properties.