Meadowlark Optics Acquires Boulder Nonlinear Systems
Meadowlark Optics Acquires Boulder Nonlinear Systems
FREDERICK, CO, May 1, 2023 – Meadowlark Optics (Meadowlark) announces its acquisition of Boulder Nonlinear Systems (BNS.) Both companies are based in Colorado and produce cutting-edge optical components used in multiple branches of scientific research and industry. Meadowlark previously purchased the commercial Spatial Light Modulator business from BNS in 2014. The latest acquisition combines products, research, and expertise under one roof. 

“Both Meadowlark and BNS have storied histories of advancing polarization science. Combining the resources of both companies will further strengthen our standing in the marketplace,” commented Garry Gorsuch, Meadowlark Optics’ President and CEO.

The acquisition of BNS supports Meadowlark’s mission to offer unmatched quality in catalog and custom polarization components. The company will be gaining additional products to expand upon the spatial light modulators and liquid crystal polarization products, which will now include switchable gratings. Perhaps the most exciting change will be benefitting from BNS’ incomparable research and development team.