Product News: Gun Sight Mini Lasers
Product News: Gun Sight Mini Lasers

FLC gun sight mini lasers are customized compact structure laser diode modules with various single mode wavelengths (450nm, 520nm, 635nm, 650nm, 780nm and 850nm), different output powers (≤0.4mW; ≤1.0mW; ≤5.0mW), small beam sizes (≤6x12mm@10m & ≤10x20mm@20m) and very compact housings (Φ3.3x8.0mm; Φ3.85x8.5mm; Φ4x8.5mm; Φ4x10mm; Φ6x12mm). The input voltage varies from 3V to 5V DC and the input current range is from 25mA to 120mA. The mini laser modules can be driven in continuous or pulsed mode. Their small size, low power consumption and compact structure makes them perfectly suitable for various target designation applications.



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